NEO-Line standard cassettes

Fireplace insets from Schmid – the best solution for your open fireplace

Open fireplaces can be converted in an energetically sensible manner by using a fireplace inset. This increases the efficiency of your fireplace so that hardly any preheated air is removed from your living area when no fire is burning. In addition, your fireplace achieves a considerably higher heat utilization during operation, as the inset enables optimized combustion.

Of course, it is important to us that you as our customer also enjoy the aesthetic aspect. Our customized production makes your open fireplace a real eye-catcher.

The custom production of Schmid fireplace insets is self-evident for us. The advantage is that it enables you to find the perfect solution for your open fireplace. It should also be mentioned that the connection is easy to design and the installation work won’t dirty your home. With fireplace insets from Schmid the solution we offer you is the optimum combination of design and efficiency.

Benefits of fireplace insets:

  • Optimum solution for open fireplaces
  • Customized production turns Schmid’s fireplace insets into perfectly-fitting products
  • Greater heat utilization
  • Increases fireplace performance
  • Aesthetic design
  • Installation easy to handle, no dirtying of home


Diversity that convinces – made to measure!

Je nachdem, welche Form und Maße Ihre offene Feuerstätte aufweist, werden die Kaminkassetten von Schmid individuell angefertigt – natürlich "made in Germany". Dabei sind der äußeren Formgebung so gut wie keine Grenzen gesetzt.

A clean matter!



Ash removal and combustion air supply through the ash drawer.

More heat!

Mehr Hitze durch Ventilatoren


Warm air acceleration through optionally installed, stepless adjustable fans. Optionally available from front width 60 cm.

Matter of adjustment!



Adjusting screws for height adjustment from the inside of the inset to the open fireplace floor.

Of course tested!

Natürlich geprüft!


Tested and certified in 3 sizes.


Front versions

Front versions


Functional principle of a cassette

1.)  Combustion chamber floor, refractory tiles

2.)  Back- and Sidepanel in cast iron

3.)  Air circulation channel

4.)  Cold air inlet

5.)  Warm air outlet

6.)  Ash pan

7.)  Ash grates

8.)  Upright grate

9.)  Heat exchanger tubes

10.)  Secondary air for glass flushing

11.)  Primary air controller, integrated

12.)  Adjustable feet (4 pcs.)

13.)  Lintel

14.)  Baffle plate (optional)